We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes

“My main focus is on ensuring that our processes are future proof and flexible. The core aspects of this are the qualities of our employees, the modernisation of our production lines and the improvement of our process hygiene.”

Changing demands

“Our production lines are set up to allow us to optimally meet the needs of our buyers, even when these change. We work with advanced machinery that makes our processes as controllable as possible. To do so, we utilise a ton of data derived from our production process. After all, knowledge is power!”

People’s place in the process

“Expert employees are essential to an optimal process. We strive to make maximum use of the many unique qualities that our people possess in our production process.

By offering people diversity in their work, we try to make their job even more enjoyable, discover hidden qualities and allow our people to grow.”

“Working with food is a major responsibility. Consumers who eat your products must be able to rest assured that they do not contain any potential health hazards. At Hogeslag-Olst, this is a constant focus. We have implemented measures throughout our entire process to optimally safeguard the hygiene and safety of our products.”

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