Selling quality starts with buying quality

Hogeslag strives to be a reliable supplier of beef products. That all starts with purchasing the right cattle carcasses from reliable suppliers. This is exactly why our partnerships with carefully selected butcheries are so important. Together with our partners, we can offer our buyers fair meat products.

The finest beef

“I have a passion: I want to deliver top-quality and fair beef to my buyers. To do that, I need the right partners on the purchasing side of the business, because selling quality starts with buying quality. I also consciously choose to personally maintain our relationships with a number of French and German buyers. This lets me stay in touch with the sales market, which in turn helps me with our purchasing policy.”

The main purchasing criteria

Hygienic butchery and transportation processes

Fresh products

Selection options

Reliability of delivery


The right price-quality ratio

The best supplier of beef products

‘Upon arrival, the carcasses are evaluated by specially trained employees in terms of their hygiene and the quality of the meat. Hogeslag-Olst wants to take responsibility for the products it delivers. This is only possible by consistently inspecting the freshness and quality of the carcass.’

The Simmental cattle

‘In addition to our standard beef cattle, we also purchase the carcasses of Simmental cattle. This animal is renowned for its unique dark-red meat and juicy flavour. True meat connoisseurs know the difference!’

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