Hospitality wholesale

The Dutch catering sector has changed significantly in recent years. Restaurants have developed their own identities and concepts with which they hope to appeal to a specific audience and to which every aspect of the organisation has been tailored. Atmosphere has become key to consumers and they want going out to dinner to be an experience to remember.

Hospitality wholesale strives to meet its buyers’ needs. The quality of the products is a major factor, which is exactly why it demands the best from its suppliers in terms of quality, food safety and reliability.

Hogeslag Olst therefore considers the Hospitality wholesale as an important partner for the distribution of top-quality beef.

An honest piece of meat

The details and quality of the food are critically examined by restaurant visitors. That is especially true for meat! Consumers want fair products that have been lovingly prepared. The chef and the supplier of the meat have to find each other, as it were.

Knowledge, experience and love

Hogeslag-Olst has the requisite knowledge, experience and love for its beef products. On top of that, our organisation is flexible enough to quickly react to changing needs and deliver the perfect combination of products.

Added to that is our excellent performance when it comes to hygiene and food safety. All this combines to make Hogeslag-Olst a reliable and sustainable partner for the supply of top-quality beef.

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