Our people are the backbone of our organisation

“With our Integral Staff Policy (ISP), we strive to develop long-term relationships with our employees. We train them in a manner that is inspired by our vision and give them the opportunity to develop within the organisation. This is resulted in a large workforce of experienced and motivated employees who execute our processes in accordance with our strict quality requirements. That, in turn, enables Hogeslag to deliver consistent quality every single day.”

Enthusiastic and loyal professionals

“When I walk around our company, I love to see enthusiastic and loyal professionals who enjoy coming into work every day. Together, we all contribute to the continuous qualitative growth of our organisation. No matter how many excellent ideas we have regarding quality at the management level; we cannot perform optimally if the people on the floor are not behind us.”

Integral Staff Policy

“Hogeslag-Olst has an Integral Staff Policy (ISP) that includes a strong focus on the development of our employees, for example by repeatedly training them regarding food safety, hygiene and employment conditions. The ultimate goal is always to safeguard the quality of our products.”

The organisation’s capital

“Our excellent staff is Hogeslag-Olst BV’s most important capital. We want to invest in this, but we must also maintain it properly. That is why Hogeslag-Olst BV’s management has developed its Integral Staff Policy (ISP). The ISP supports the professionalisation of the organisation and has already resulted in the optimisation of its various processes.

The competences of our supervisors are another key aspect. The necessary competences are derived from our mission and vision and contribute to the realisation of our organisational objectives. In addition to competences, we also focus on our employees’ personal development and their enjoyment of their work. These two principles – competence and enjoyment – form the core of our staff policy. With its ISP, Hogeslag-Olst’s management hopes to retain motivated employees and guarantee the quality of its processes and products for our relations.”

Recruitment and selection

Our recruitment and selection of staff is tailored to our average daily requirements.

However, we can always make room for young newcomers who want to be trained to become a butcher or packager.

If you want to apply, please send an email to hrm@hogeslagolst.nl.

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