We create quality together

“Within our organisation, we do everything we can do safeguard quality and hygiene with the ultimate goal of supplying fair and reliable meat products to our buyers. However, our quality assurance policy goes beyond our own organisation: our focus is on safeguarding quality throughout the entire process chain.”

We must share the supplier’s views

“We have a strict selection process for suppliers. It goes without saying that we look for the right certifications and hallmarks, but it is also important that we share a supplier’s views. That is why we regularly visit our suppliers in person and share our experiences with processes.”


International Featured Standard (IFS)


Entry inspection

“Upon arrival, the carcasses are visually inspected and compared to our specifications. This work is done by a select group of highly experienced employees. We also conduct a microbiological entry inspection, the results of which we share with the supplier.”

Quality Assurance department

“Our Quality Assurance department supports the process manager and the team leaders and constantly monitors the process using state-of-the-art equipment and methods. The department is regularly supported by an external quality consultant. Lastly, we repeatedly train our other employees in matters pertaining to quality and employment conditions, e.g. via E-learning.”


“In addition to a final visual inspection by the team leaders, our quality assurance department takes random samples of our products for microbiological and chemical testing. We consciously choose to have a certified laboratory conduct these tests. The results can be shared with buyers upon their request. We are regularly audited by buyers, the NVWA (the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) and for the IFS and Halal standards.”


“We use unique batch numbers that are printed on all packaging materials. These allow us to trace the origin of raw materials, consumables and final products at any time.”


“Every day, we use the services of a cleaning specialist to clean and disinfect our production areas. Before the start of production, we always conduct a so-called line clearance.”

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