Some clients have been buying our products for thirty years

“We do more than just deliver beef products. Like our suppliers, our clients are partners too. Together, we strive towards a common goal: to delivery top-quality and fair meat. Our clients are located all over Europe and many of them have quite specific wishes. They know that Hogeslag can give them what they want.”

Beef that meets the market’s needs

“In my younger years, I worked in every position in the company. I use the experience I gained there on a daily basis during my meetings with our buyers. A core principle of Hogeslag is that we strive to deliver beef products that meet the needs of the market where they end up. That means you have to know everything that goes on in the process from start to finish. This allows us to develop long-term sustainable relationships with our clients. They know us to be a reliable supplier who can translate their needs into concrete solutions.”

Steak tartare

“In recent years, we have begun to focus more and more on the top segment of the catering and retail market. We are a reliable partner for the meat-processing industry because we consistently score top marks for hygiene and quality. This is reflected in the high-grade meat used for the production of steak tartare and other unheated products.”

Loins, entrecotes and tenderloins

“We deliver our products throughout Europe. Our loins, entrecotes and tenderloins in particular are renowned on the international market; because of their cut and quality, but also because of the strict selection for each individual market.”

The Simmental cattle

“We are especially proud of our products made from Simmental cattle. This beef with its unique flavour is a favourite among many of our national and international clients. It ties into our standards regarding sustainability because it is a dual-purpose animal, which is something that a growing number of consumers are looking for. The fine meat from the Simmental cattle is available in many top restaurants that strive to offer their customers only the best!”

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